Drinking and Alcohol Related Harm Among Young Adults


Frequent and hazardous rates of consumption of alcoholic beverages are particularly pronounced among adolescents and young adults in many nations around the world. This has led to pervasive alcohol-related harm in North America, Europe and Australasia.


This video workshop draws from an analysis of various national and international data reports, including the World Health Organization, in an effort to explore the extent of alcohol-related harm internationally. The extent of the harm is revealed in both human (disease, suicide rates, accidents, etc.), financial and societal costs. The relationship between alcohol availability and harm is discussed along with Harm Reduction and evidenced-based interventions.


On completion of this program participants will be able to: analyze information relative to the international alcoholic beverage consumption rates and patterns; identify growth rates in use and causal connections; identify health and societal related alcohol harms; apply a nationally based perspective to problems related to alcohol abuse and; continue dialogue with colleagues on alcoholic beverage abuse management.



Duration (hrs): 2


CE Credits/ Approval:

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