Adolescent Depression: A Biopsychosocial Approach


"Depression" is a biopsychosociocultural phenomenon with a wide spectrum of variation in severity, aetiology and meanings for different individuals. For adolescents this is particularly so as it is a stage of life of much change and emotionality. A "biopsychosocial diagnostic formulation" provides deeper and more accurate understanding of the relevant issues than a check-list of DSM symptoms and a DSM diagnostic label. Nonetheless a DSM diagnostic label is important also to convey severity of the condition. A comprehensive diagnostic formulation leads to a meaningful management plan. This session will focus on aetiological factors to be aware of in adolescent depressive states, and how best to engage young people and their families in assessment and treatment planning. An understanding of adolescent neurophysiological development, biopsychosocial factors, rapport building, psychoeducation strategies including some evolutionary psychobiology, risk assessment and management and controversies about the place of medication will be discussed. The presentation ends with a short Q&A session with Dr. Parry.



Duration (hrs): 1


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