The Rise and Rise of Depression in a Competitive Winner/Loser World


The Winner/Loser World Hypothesis suggests that modern society has embedded in its systems and structures the prioritising of external reward and punishment systems as a measure of personal success and social worth. This shifts our perception of personal value and worth from the satisfying efforts of personal endeavour, to the critical imperative of achieving socially determined measures of success. In short, we are driven by a need to win in a race that is created and decided by things that are largely outside of our design or control.


In this workshop, Richard discusses the Winner/Loser World Hypothesis and maladaptive behaviours which can lead to stress and anxiety. He concludes with a new world view which sheds light on the meaning of Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ and R.D Laing’s ‘Double Hypnosis’ and provides neurophysiological weight to the principals of Positive Psychology.


By understanding the nature of the ‘winner/loser’ mindset and the ‘creative interpersonal’ mindset it is possible to create a simple set of questions that act as a very brief therapy that engenders lasting transformational change and hypothetically establishes a more stable platform for other therapies to be more effective and longer lasting.



Duration (hrs): 1


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