The 7 Habits of a Reasonably Helpful Counselor


In his presentation, Dr John Barletta reflects on his over 30 years of academic training and professional work to explore the components for effective clinical practice. He explores patient factors, counsellor variables, and treatment modalities. As well, he discusses the relationship issues he values in his clinical roles that increase patient outcomes and ensure counselor survival. He also examines the challenges of clinical engagement, reviews current trends and speculates on future directions.


The 7 habits he presents include: 1. The Personhood of the Counsellor – being; 2. Professional Behaviors and Relationship – doing; 3. The Approach of the Counsellor – theoretical and procedural knowledge; 4. Avoiding Idolatry – tolerating uncertainty; 5. Patient Factors – managing the individual's capacity; 6. Context and Collaboration – exploring systems; 7. Surviving the Drive – self-preservation and work-life balance.



Duration (hrs): 1


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