Cultural Considerations and Treatment Implications for Working with Military Populations


In this video, Michelle L. Steimer, MA, NCC, LPC, examines the sources of trauma-related symptoms for veterans. While P.T.S.D. is present in some, other common trauma symptoms relate to non-combat issues, such as family separations and financial and accumulated stress. Steimer observes that, within the broader "military culture", there are subcultures and a "military lingo" different from civilian cultures/language. Steimer explains the barriers to treatment, including many counselors' sense of not being culturally competent to treat veterans. She discusses issues likely to be present in the therapeutic session, and also environmental factors affecting it. While military culture has strengths, it often collides with civilian culture. Steimer notes the preparation counselors can do to become more comfortable and competent with vets, and also identifies the modalities of treatment trending for veterans.



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