How to Survive the Corporate Psychopath


The presentation will explore the ways in which abusive and bullying behaviour can leave those affected, suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and fear of success in relationships and at work. There will also be a description of the Corporate Psychopath bully and their dark motivation and those they consider prey. The psychosocial, cultural and political circumstances that have encouraged the employment and promotion of bullies in large corporations, especially since the post economic rationalist era, will be explored. The psychological strategies that workplace bullies use, can be complex in that they create traps such as double binds, dissociation, dissonance and self-sabotage for the vulnerable. However, the development of appropriate counter psychological strategies may overcome these interpersonal and workplace dilemmas and challenges. An outline of these survival skills will be described. This video concludes with a short Q&A session with the presenter.



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