The Neurobiology of Behavior Change


In this video, Dr Matthew Bambling provides a comprehensive overview of the genetics of behaviour change with a special focus on the role of neuroplasticity and psychotherapy. This presentation is ideal for those who want an easy to understand yet comprehensive overview of the way our genes and behaviour interact in both normal and abnormal behaviour and how counselling and psychotherapy exert their neuroplastic effects. A comprehensive evidence base is provided for all concepts discussed which is drawn from the genetic and psychological research. 


The video begins with an overview of how our neurology and environment interact with a specific focus on immediate response genes and neurotropic factors involved in learning and behaviour.  Attention is then given to what is currently known about the genetic nature of consciousness, turning on our genes for change, the impact of stress and gene pathway expression, gene expression and brain metabolism in mental health disorders. The presentation concludes with a detailed overview of the genetic impact of counselling and psychotherapy on brain function and structural integrity for a variety of mental health concerns, and compared with standard treatments such as psychopharmacology.  



Duration (hrs): 1


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