Applied Strategies for Creating Healthy Family Systems


This video is part of the "Applied Approaches for Building Positive Relationships" series. In this series of five videos, relationship expert Dr. Justin Coulson teaches you powerful strategies that will improve relationships for clients at an individual, couple, family-systems, or broader level.

In this video, Dr. Justin Coulson (Happy Families) presents practical examples of several typically-needed family systems in the context of seeing how families can experience greater clarity of purpose and priorities, supported by greater preparation. He brings forward Self-determination Theory, which holds that any system, in order to be sustaining, needs to help the individuals in it meet needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy. Family purpose/planning meetings, weekly check-in meetings, a system to make mornings smoother, and a system for peaceful, nurturing evenings all show how to lay a foundation of alignment with purpose and priorities, in which children are empowered because adequate preparation has addressed their needs.



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