Finding the Right Birds to Flock Together With


This video is part of the "The Positive Psychology of Achievement: Unpacking Grit, Self-efficacy, and More" series, In this series of five videos, Caroline Adams Miller, MAAP, uses a positive psychology framework to explain why happiness is a prerequisite for success, and how to use goal-setting theory to set and achieve goals, create helpful support networks, and develop authentic grit.

In this video, Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, lists the chief reasons social researchers have found for why we are increasingly unhappy and explains why positive support networks are so important for flourishing. Concepts such as active-constructive responding, Tend and Befriend behavior, and the Shalane Effect are discussed, along with findings of the Love Lab and the Centers for Disease Control about diseases of despair. A number of initiatives to combat loneliness, anxiety, and depression are discussed, including Strong Minds, Friendship Bench Project, Silver Line Helpline, and Lunch Buddies.



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