Beyond S.M.A.R.T.: Helping Clients Set and Achieve Goals


This video is part of the "The Positive Psychology of Achievement: Unpacking Grit, Self-efficacy, and More" series, In this series of five videos, Caroline Adams Miller, MAAP, uses a positive psychology framework to explain why happiness is a prerequisite for success, and how to use goal-setting theory to set and achieve goals, create helpful support networks, and develop authentic grit.

In this video, Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, discusses why appropriate goal-setting and goal pursuit matter so much. She explains the basics of Locke and Latham’s goal-setting theory (distinguishing between performance and learning goals), identifies the conditions under which goal-setting is a problem, and offers goal-setting guidelines, along with an evidence-based activity to help people do mental contracting toward goals that enhance flourishing.



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