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Privacy Policy

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Site Usage

Your access to Mental Health Academy only gives you the right to access and use Mental Health Academy resources. You are not permitted to share your login details with others. As such you and you alone are responsible for activities that occur under your access details. 

Your access does not in any way imply ownership of content - you are not permitted to copy, distribute, sell or publicly share any Mental Health Academy resources, including your login details. Mental Health Academy reserves the right to refuse or cancel service at Mental Health Academy’s discretion.

Account Access

Your individual Mental Health Academy account provides you with access to a range of resources and services, including courses, videos, tax invoices, your member dashboard, and more.

To access your account and membership resources, you require:

Subscription to courses and/ or videos is only available while you are a financial member, via your account. If you cancel or fail to renew your account, you will not be able to access courses and/ or videos listed as “in progress” in your member dashboard, nor subscribe to new courses and/ or videos.

If you cancel or fail to renew your account, you will still be able to login to your profile and update your details (including renewing your membership); access courses and videos you have completed; and access historic information related to your membership (including tax invoices, payment records, etc.).

Video Content

Video content is provided by independent content providers. Mental Health Academy does its best to review video content and its relevance for members; however, due to the volume of submissions, we do not review submitted videos in full. It is therefore the responsibility of the independent content provider to ensure content is relevant and of an appropriate standard prior to it being submitting for publishing by Mental Health Academy. Nonetheless, Mental Health Academy will strive to make the highest quality of video content available to members.

If you have purchased video content and note any discrepancies, errors, technical faults and/or other problems, please contact our team on info@mentalhealthacademy.net.

Membership Types and Payment Options

Membership types provide you with access to either courses (Standard memberships), or both courses and videos (Premium Memberships). If you have a Standard membership type, you will not be able to subscribe to videos. You can, however, upgrade your membership to Premium at any time to gain access to videos. When subscribing to courses or videos, you are not required to pay additional (individual) subscription fees.

You may opt to pay your membership fees monthly (whereby you are deducted ongoing monthly fees), or annually (whereby you pay an annual upfront, discount fee). By choosing to pay your membership fees monthly, you agree to abide by the minimum 12-month membership term applicable to all monthly memberships (unless stated otherwise, see the ‘Trials and Promotions’ section below).

Unless a cancellation request has been provided in writing (see the ‘Cancellation of Access’ section below), your monthly or annual membership will be renewed automatically upon expiry of your next monthly or annual billing cycle.

Membership Upgrades

If you hold a Standard membership, you can upgrade your membership to Premium at any time. If you choose to upgrade to Premium, you agree to forfeit any pre-paid portion of your current membership cycle. This applies to monthly and annual membership holders. For example, if you have a Standard annual membership, which is due to expire in 3 months, and you choose to upgrade your membership to Premium annual, your billing cycle will be re-set from the date your upgrade request has been processed, not at the expiry of your current cycle (in this example, 3 months).

Cancellation of Access

To cancel your Mental Health Academy membership you must submit a request, in writing or by email to admin@mentalhealthacademy.net a minimum of 3 working days before the due date of your membership cycle.

Cancellations will be processed before the monthly or annual due date and are effective from the next due date. Unless stated otherwise, the associated cost of Monthly Unlimited Memberships are for the full duration of the membership period (12 months). Cancellations received within the membership period will accrue a cancellation fee equal to the unpaid portion of the membership, after which time no further monthly fees will be charged. For example, a cancellation received three months prior to the end of the membership period will accrue a cancellation fee of three times the monthly membership fee. The cancellation fee will be applied automatically upon receipt of cancellation to the members registered credit card.

Trials and Promotions

Trials and promotions are subject to specific terms and conditions outlined at the time of offer. Unless stated otherwise, trials provide access for the specified time at the reduced promotional rate, at the completion of which participants automatically become fully active members and their account is debited the full membership amount for subsequent payment cycles.

These conditions will be clearly stated at the time of the promotion in the relevant section. To terminate a trial prior to becoming member the participant must provide written notification.

To discontinue any membership, members must follow the procedure for ‘Cancellation of Access’ outlined above. The outcome of failing to carry out a cancellation request as outlined above (e.g. emailing the wrong email address) is solely the members’ responsibility.