I am having trouble watching videos, what should I do?

First, check if you are referring to a video within the "My Videos" section, or an embedded video within a course. Videos embedded into course content originate from external websites such as YouTube or TED. If you are unable to watch these videos, we recommend you check whether your network may be blocking access to these websites. For example, in some workplaces and governmental buildings access to YouTube is blocked by administrators.


Videos in your "My Videos" list are webstreamed through a HTML5 video player. This technology allows you to watch videos using a range of different devices and browsers. If are unable to play a video, please email us, describing what is happening, and we will provide you with more specific feedback.


If you can play the video, however you are experiencing issues with the flow of the content (e.g. the presentation is not playing continuously, or it is taking a long time to load), then we recommend you contact your internet service provider to verify whether there are temporary problems with your internet connection and speed. If you live in a remote area with a slow internet connection, please email us for further instructions.


I haven't received your newsletter or other emails. What is happening?

Some network administrators (workplace) and email programs (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, etc) may be blocking the Mental Health Academy emails. With the increasing amount of SPAM on the web, many email accounts are set to block certain email addresses.


To avoid that, contact your mail administrator and ensure that the addresses and are both cleared. Conversely, you can add these addresses to your contact list. In most cases, this action is enough to clear emails being sent from this address.