Teaching Anger Management Skills to Clients


Anger is not aggression, hostility or violence (although these may result from the experience of anger), rather anger is an internal event, a feeling, a physiological reaction. For this reason, some clients may find it challenging to articulate their experience. 'Feeling angry' can manifest in a variety of ways. Two clients may state that they feel angry, yet the variation between their experiences may be as broad as the intensity difference between mild irritation and frenzied rage. This course is designed to assist mental health professionals in working with clients on issues of anger management.



In this course you will learn: how to establish a common language for describing anger experiences; understanding the components of the anger episode model; altering the cycle of anger; strategies for assisting clients with anger management; the anger episode record; challenging thoughts/appraisals; using self-calming statements; relaxation and; creating a relapse prevention plan.