Principles of Psychosynthesis


The purpose of this course is to acquaint you with the basic principles of Psychosynthesis: its assumptions, core constructs, and understandings about what makes a being human, and what, therefore, may be the best means of facilitating that being's growth toward its fullest potentials. We will define Psychosynthesis and briefly detail its origins. Most of the pages are devoted to an examination of the seven core concepts proposed by Assagioli as crucial for any training program: the notions of disidentification, the personal self or "I", aspects of will, the ideal model, synthesis, the superconscious, and Transpersonal Self, or Self.



Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Explain disidentification and recognize when a person is identified with or disidentified from someone or something; Articulate the Psychosynthesis understanding of the "I" and Self; Discuss which aspects of will are present: Identify subpersonalities constellating in clients or others; Explain how the notion of synthesis can work to promote human growth and development; Incorporate notions of the superconscious and the Transpersonal Self into your clinical work.




Level: 1

Duration (hrs): 2

Author: Dr Meg Carbonatto

CE Approvals:

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