Supporting Victims of Workplace Harassment


Workplace Harassment and bullying in the workplace reflect issues and problems that have been occurring in the broader society for a long period of time. Harassment in itself is difficult to define, as there is a multitude of ways in which this sort of behavior can occur and the effects it may have on the victim. The course offers an insight into the likely emotional, psychological and social reactions of the victim of workplace harassment and details how a mental health professional may assist an individual in regaining a sense of hope, trust and confidence.



In this course you will learn: the symptoms of workplace harassment; the difference between prolonged duress stress disorders vs. post-traumatic stress disorders; the possible repercussions of workplace harassment for the client; how to help the client overcome workplace harassment and; legal issues.




Level: 1

Duration (hrs): 1

Author: Dr Clive Jones

CE Approvals:

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