Managing Challenging Clients


Within a counseling environment, the need may arise for a professional to work with clients who appear resistant to change or unhappy with external assistance. Some clients, who are attending counseling due to a mandated requirement, may resent the fact that they feel coerced into attending. Such clients may cite benefits such as meeting parole conditions or court orders as their only motivation for attendance. Consequently, many individuals can view the professional involvement in this process as an imposition of their rights and they take the view that what is happening to them is in some way the professional's fault. This course is designed to assist mental health professionals in working with clients who are presenting a significant challenge to their work as their counselor/therapist.



In this course you will learn: Defining a challenging client; Considering basic human rights; Security issues and risk management; Developing an internal process for recording and reporting a complaint or incident; Effective communication; Listening and understanding verbal messages; Obstacles to listening and understanding; Empathy, Principles of active listening, Conflict resolution.