Case Studies in Domestic Violence


Ivana, Alita, and Heather come from different areas, grew up in different cultural milieus, and have different life situations, but all three were forced to deal with intimate partner abuse for years before they could escape. This course relates their journeys from shock, denial, and disbelief through pain and loss to eventual recovery. You will see how various parties in their lives, including themselves, sometimes subscribed inadvertently to domestic violence myths and how the social systems the women had to contend with ‐ the lawyers, courts, social workers, counselors, and others ‐ at times contributed to their remaining in difficult, unsafe relationships that shattered their confidence and sense of themselves, to say nothing of contributing further physical and mental/emotional harm.



Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to: Understand more deeply how abusers exercise power and control over their victims; recognise different patterns of abuse according to the prevalence of the various forms; see examples of abusive relationships which illustrate various theoretical lenses for understanding domestic violence; Identify how various parties subscribe to domestic violence myths; observe how social systems may inadvertently contribute to keeping people in abusive relationships; assess what factors contribute to or detract from the safety of a situation; get a feel for what different stages of recovery may look like.




Level: 1

Duration (hrs): 3

Author: Dr Meg Carbonatto

CE Approvals:

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