Helping Clients Deal with Relationship Breakdown


Relationship conflicts are one of the most common issues when working as a counselor, often with either a couple or an individual in a relationship (Kottler, 2004). It is necessary to be aware of issues that may be caused when counseling only one person in the relationship without the significant other such as the person attending counseling 'growing' emotionally from the experience. This course focuses on knowledge, causes, prevention and skills to consider when counseling a relationship breakdown.



In this course you will learn: the warning signs of relationship breakdown including criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling; circumstances that increase pressure on relationships; strategies to use for conflicted relationships such as relationship goals, communication skills and action talk; 'tips for relationships' handout to use with clients; strategies to use when clients choose to continue a relationship; and strategies for when clients choose to end the relationship.




Level: 1

Duration (hrs): 1

Author: Dr Clive Jones

CE Approvals:

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