Theories of Motivation in Sport


Motivational differences have been a continuing concern in the field of sports psychology. While individuals who enjoy sport usually exhibit high levels of motivation evident through them exerting appropriate effort for success, persisting through adversity and enjoying the challenges faced in competition, there are times when interest and persistent effort towards the activity can be lost. Thus the challenge for practitioners when dealing with motivational declines is to understand and affectively address the underlying components influencing the individual athlete's motivational state and overall motivational disposition.



This course offers an introduction to the discipline of motivation within the context of sports-based psychological practice. Theories outlined include: Self Determination Theory; Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation; Cognitive Evaluation Theory; Achievement Goal Theory; Goal orientations Theory; Self Efficacy Theory and; Flow Theory. Strategies used to enhance motivation will also be outlined.




Level: 1

Duration (hrs): 2

Author: Dr Clive Jones

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